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Department of Economics

Maloney Hall, Room 324


Current Teaching:

Spring 2018

Econ 2273 - Development Economics, Undergraduate level (MW 3-4:15pm; 4:30-5:45pm)

Office Hours: MW 12-1pm (T 11am-12pm instead of W in problem set weeks)

TA: Aastha Malhotra; TA Email:

TA Office Hours: Friday 3-5pm (Maloney 313, Econ Dept Seminar Room)


Final Exam: Friday, May 11 9am-11am, Fulton 511 (for BOTH sections, students with more than 2 exams on this day can request a make up exam which will be administered on Monday, May 14 time TBD)

Syllabus   Practice Final (Office Hours Monday, May 7 3-5pm in the usual classrom, Stokes 295S )

Lecture Slides:

Lecture 1     Lecture 2     Lecture 3    Lecture 4     Lecture 5    

Lecture 6     Lecture 7     Lecture 8    Lecture 9     Lecture 10  

Lecture 11   Lecture 12   Lecture 13   Lecture 14   Lecture 15  

Lecture 16   Lecture 17   Lecture 18   Lecture 19   Lecture 20

Lecture 21   Lecture 22   Lecture 23   Lecture 24   Lecture 25


Problem Sets:

Problem Set 1 Data  Gapminder Data Visualization  Answers

Problem Set 2  Answers

Problem Set 3 Data  World Bank Data  Answers

Problem Set 4 Data Answers

Problem Set 5 Data Portfolios of the Poor  Answers

Problem Set 6  Answers


Readings and Other Resources:

Lucas Industrial Revolution article          Gapminder Data Visualization

Mankiw, Romer, and Weil (1992)          Easterly and Levine (2001)

Landes (2006)          Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson (2004)

Bardhan (1997)          

Chen and Ravallion (2008)

Banerjee and Duflo (2007)

Case (2005)

Pritchett and Summers (1996)          Fogel (1994)

Armendariz and Morduch (2004)

Kristof (2006)

Sachs and McArthur (2005)



Econ 8830 - Topics in Development Economics, PhD level (MW 1:30-2:45pm)

Syllabus        Presentation Scoring

Lecture Slides:

 Lecture 1  Lecture 2



Previous Teaching Experience and Evaluations:

Assistant Professor, Boston College

Econ 2273 - Development Economics, Undergraduate level 

Syllabus  Evaluations

Econ 8885 - Topics in Development Economics, PhD level 


Econ 3386 - Public Policy Analysis, Undergraduate level

Syllabus  Evaluations     

Econ 8885 - Labor Economics, PhD level 



Assistant Professor, USC

Econ 641 - Empirical Analysis of Economic Development, PhD level

Syllabus  Evaluations  

Econ 599 - Methods and Practice in Development Economics, Graduate level

Syllabus  Evaluations  

Econ 641 - Topics in Development and Applied Microeconomics, PhD level

Syllabus  Evaluations  


Teaching Fellow, Yale University:

Econometrics, Michael Boozer, Spring 2011

International Trade, Andrea Bubula, Fall 2010

Development Economics, Michael Boozer, Spring 2010

Econometrics, Michael Boozer, Fall 2009


Teaching Assistant, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania:

Monetary Economics and the Global Economy, Skander Van den Heuvel, Spring 2006

Honors Monetary Economics and the Global Economy, Martin Asher, Fall 2005