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Department of Economics

Maloney Hall, Room 324


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Employment / Affiliations

Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research (2017 - present)

Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer, Good Business Lab (March 2017-present)

Research Affiliate, International Growth Centre (2016 - present)

Assistant Professor, Boston College, Department of Economics (2015 - present)

Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Department of Economics (2012 - 2015)



Ph.D., Economics, Yale University, May 2012

B.Sc., Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, May 2006


Professional Activities:

Referee—American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Economic Journal, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Development Economics, International Economic Review, European Economic Review, Economic Development and Cultural Change, World Bank Economic Review, World Development, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management


Invited Talks and Conferences:

2018: AEA (Philadelphia); University of Minnesota; University of North Dakota

2017: Clark; McGill; IPA SME Meeting (MIT); USC; IGC Firms/Trade/Development Conference (Columbia); Advances in Field Experiments (U Chicago); Asian Meetings of Econometric Society; NBER Enivronment and Energy Economics Spring Meeting; NBER Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Spring Meeting; Stony Brook

2016: Georgetown University; Boston University; NBER Summer Institute (Children's); NEUDC; Harvard-MIT-Stanford Empirical Management Conference; International Growth Centre (India Central); Barcelona GSE Summer Forum

2015: University of Pennsylvania; Brown University; Boston College; UC San Diego; Northeastern; NBER Productivity; NEUDC; Barcelona GSE Summer Forum; 29th BREAD Conference

2014: Stanford Development Seminar; University of Michigan Development Seminar, UI Urbana-Champagne Development Seminar; Northeast Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) Conference; IZA Workshop: Labor Market Effects of Environmental Policies; NBER Development Summer Institute; NBER Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Spring Meeting; Pacific Conference on Development Economics (PAC-DEV)

2013: RAND Labor and Population Group; NBER Summer Institute (Entrepreneurship); NEUDC; PAC-DEV; Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) London

2012: 22nd BREAD Conference; UC Berkeley Development Seminar; UC Riverside Applied Micro Seminar; UC San Diego Development Seminar; PAC-DEV; NBER Children’s Meeting; NBER Summer Institute (Health Economics, Health Care); Johns Hopkins; UI Urbana-Champagne; University of Warwick; Notre Dame; Stanford GSB


2010: Northeast Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) Conference; Pacific Conference on Development Economics (PAC-DEV)


Fellowships, Honors, Awards, and Grants:

                  PEDL Major Grant, 2016-2018 (Co-PI, $470,000)

                  PEDL Exploratory Grant, 2015-2016  (Co-PI, $62,973)

                  International Growth Centre – India Central Programme Grant, 2015-2016 (Co-PI, $61,030)

                  PEDL Exploratory Grant, 2013-2014 (Co-PI, $40,000)

                  Yale University Dissertation Fellowship, 2011-2012

                  Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship, 2010-2011

                  Falk Fellowship, 2009-2011

                  Association of Yale Alumni Fellowship, 2008

                  Yale University Fellowship, 2006-2011

                  Wharton Research Scholar, 2005-2006

                  University of Pennsylvania Dean’s List, 2004-2005

                  Joseph Wharton Scholar, 2003-2006

                  Benjamin Franklin Scholar, 2003-2005